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Alabama Rivers and Streams Network SHU Mapper

The Alabama Rivers and Streams Network SHU website and database system is a joint project of the Alabama Rivers and Streams Network (ARSN) and the USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center with partial funding from the Alabama Department of Transportation. The system serves as a repository for both tabular and geospatial data related to specially-designated watersheds, river segments, and road crossings within Alabama and neighboring states.

Strategic Habitat Units (SHUs) and Strategic River Reach Units (SRRUs) are watersheds and river reaches that in the opinion of aquatic biologists practicing in Alabama support viable and healthy aquatic habitat, populations of imperiled species, and provide good opportunities for their restoration and recovery. SHU-related data is used in facilitating and coordinating watershed management and restoration efforts, cataloguing and improving existing highway infrastructure, and focusing funding to address habitat and water-quality issues.

For more information, visit the Alabama Rivers and Streams Network website.